What Types of Support Do GlobalITPlus Webmaster Options Cover?

In a nutshell any task related to the content, maintenance, or troubleshooting of your existing website is covered.

  Content updates on your website (page text, news, event updates, blogs, etc.)

  Web page additions based on existing templates

  E-commerce store maintenance, including product additions, changes, and deletions

  Bug fixes and troubleshooting, including emergency support

  Full site backups and WordPress/Joomla and plugin upgrades if compatible with current version.

  Image/photo gallery updates and management

  And much more!

Global IT plus Webmaster support is intended to provide support and updates to your existing website structure. Support does not include site redesign, custom programming, new WordPress or Joomla installation, database setup/configuration, etc. For more information about Webmaster support, read our FAQ.

How does it Work?

Enjoying all of the benefits of having a Webmaster is easy! Choose the maintenance solution that's right for you and you can begin submitting your support requests right away via e-mail or our online support ticketing system. We begin work on your request within one business day, and most changes will be complete within 48 hours. It's just like having your own in-house webmaster just assign the task and we will get it done.

Webmaster Plans & Pricing

We have a maintenance option ideal for every business type and budget. Whether you've got a small website that only needs occasional content changes, or a high-volume online store that needs frequent product updates we have a Webmaster solution for you.

Webmaster Monthly Plans

Webmaster Monthly Maintenance plans provide total, continuous support and maintenance for your website. Just submit a request and we'll take care of it - it doesn't get any easier than that.

Package Type

Hours per Month*

Monthly Fee**

Annual Rate**

Monthly Cost Savings over On Demand

Webmaster Lite





Webmaster Standard





Webmaster High Volume





Webmaster Corporate






*Hours per month do not carry over from month-to-month. Project time is calculated and logged at 15-minute intervals. Additional hours used in any one month will be billed at the current monthly rate. Customers may upgrade their plan at any time.
**Monthly plans require a six-month commitment. Annual plans are discounted at 10% savings over the monthly plan price. Webmaster Corporate enjoys a 20% annual discounted rate.

Webmaster Web Buckets

Do your website needs fluctuate throughout the year too much to commit to a monthly plan? Do you typically have some months with many web updates, and others with very few? Then our Web Buckets are perfect for you! Purchase your desired bucket of hours, then use them at any time within one calendar year. The hours expire end of year no refunds.

Hours in Bucket


Cost Savings over On Demand













On Demand Hourly Support

For businesses that have only the occasional need for expert support, the Globalitplus offers On-Demand Webmaster support. On Demand support provides the same services as our Webmaster packages.

On Demand Support


Minimum service commitment: 2 hours. One-week turnaround, rush available for a $50 additional fee.

2-hour minimum charge of $150 payable at the time of support request. An estimate of total hours for completion of request will be provided. Additional hours over the 2-hour minimum payable upon completion of support request.


Custom Webmaster Plan

If the above plans don't fit your needs or budget, we can create custom webmaster plan for you that fit your need/budget. Please contact us and we will do our best to provide you the webmaster plan that fit your needs and budget - it doesn't get any easier than that.